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Remote Education and Blended Learning

During lockdown and when children are in isolation we will be utilising remote education (where the teacher is in a different place to the children) and blended learning (a mix of onsite and remote education).  Please see the link for further information.  



Curriculum Statement

At Pathways School our vision for the curriculum is that it will inspire our pupils to make positive choices, have high expectations of themselves, and always strive to do their best. We have designed, organised and planned our curriculum to ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure and that all children need to feel safe and secure as a prerequisite for learning and therefore we devote time to developing trusting relationships with our children and stabilising behaviour.

We carefully monitor children’s progress within their personal development and our planned and thoughtful approach to spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning helps to ensure that every child is well cared for and supported. The balanced approach to our curriculum is not at the expense of high expectations in core and foundation subjects. Pathways School has the highest expectations of students. Many children who come to our school have missed out on their learning and there is no time to waste, so high standards and enabling children to fill the gaps so that they can reach national expectations and above is vitally important to us. All students are set targets which are regularly reviewed. Parents and schools are kept informed about the children’s progress both informally and formally.

We hope that pupils may succeed at the next stage of their education whether that be back in mainstream or specialist setting, so that they go on to achieve full and happy lives and careers. We provide a full and rich curriculum at a level appropriate to attainment, in a secure, stimulating and caring environment for our children, to enable them to achieve, develop, learn and grow. To enable pupils to be successful we follow the national curriculum and other national strategies. The normal curriculum of the school is also supplemented by activities that help the children with the things they find particularly difficult like managing their anger, playing games with other children, or coping better sitting in the classroom.

KS3 and KS4 Pathway

Our pathway mapping will explain the pathways taken in Years 8 and 9 (KS3) and for Years 10 and 11 (KS4).

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