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The Pathways Curriculum



A curriculum to develop confidence, independence and healthy relationships. 


Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with the confidence to access the world around them including the world of work; live independently; form and develop healthy relationships. They will develop a toolkit of strategies including the ability to risk assess threats and opportunities to self (e.g. the healthy use of social media); understand themselves including knowing and applying adaptations and skills that will support them beyond Pathways School. 

Delivered within a trauma informed approach by emotionally available adults the Pathways School curriculum will foster a love of reading which is illustrated by our students leaving Pathways School at their chronological reading age. Students will progress and develop an appreciation of functional mathematics, why it exists, how it applies to them and the world of work. Our knowledge rich progression curriculum will enable our students to prosper when it comes to asking questions, solving problems and making informed decisions about KS5 and beyond. 

Our High Expectations and Aspirations

We appreciate that not everyone’s educational experience prior to Pathways is smooth and successful. Therefore we endeavour to identify significant gaps in a student’s learning as part of the Pathways School induction process. This is to support our students' trust and re-engagement with education.

By the end of KS2, students will have had their gaps in learning identified, analysed and filled. As a part of this vital process, phonics and intensive reading intervention will  take place on a daily basis to allow for rapid progress. All KS2 students access a broad range of subjects that deliver carefully selected and planned  knowledge based curriculum. Moreover, all students will experience the world outside of school within their local community and beyond. 

By the end of KS3, students will be able to access the national curriculum, any reading age gaps will have been closed to within 6 months of chronological age. In addition, students will have identified an appropriate academic pathway for KS4 that is supportive of their personal needs and aspirations. Students will have the knowledge required to form healthy relationships including an understanding of what it means to be close with peers and more intimate relationships (healthy, safe and secure) and boundaries.  Students will have the knowledge, confidence and skills to use public transport to  travel independently to and from school. 

By the end of KS4, students will be able to make decisions about curriculum pathways that are relevant and purposeful for them (subject options).  All students will have undertaken a range of different work experience placements; to support them with reflecting on their next steps; whilst fostering identified skills and interests that will further support their decisions in regard to KS5 (including the workplace). Students will understand how to form and sustain healthy relationships with those in and outside of school and this knowledge will be carried into KS5 and their adult life.


For more details on our curriculum please contact Mr Guilbert on adam.guilbert@ekotrust.org.uk

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