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Total Pupil Premium Grant allocated (2020/21): £10,587

Reading and Oracy 

At Pathways School we recognised on opening that oracy, reading and literacy was key priority to improve the choices available to our students. Reading ages for students were well below age expectations. This was partly due to a lack of reading resources available to the students at home but also the access to material students had on site. 

Through school leadership and student voice, we worked with students to look at the texts that we could have available to students to support their interests. Staff also engaged in work to audit the materials that they needed to encourage reading around subject matter. 

To track the progress of students in their reading abilities the school has invested in a 3 year license with Accelerated reader to support reading for pleasure and improve reading games and enable students to access the material for qualifications at KS4. 

We will review our plans by the end of July 2021

Planned Impact

All classes to have access to quality cross curricular texts with a range of topics and interest levels available for them to read. Students are voluntarily reading books and do this to support their learning and to self regulate or help de escalate situations, to read alongside adults and to read to adults. 

As a result there will be a marked improvement in engagement in lessons and confidence in tackling texts and reading aloud to the class. 


Our school is an SEMH school and Eko is a Thrive trust. Thrive training will continued to be undertaken and developed to ensure that we have the Thrive ethos understood among our staff and for licensed practitioners to work with individual students and their families. Social and emotinal development barriers to learning will be significantly reduced.

Impact so far (January 2021)

There is ongoing support from services and over the lockdown period there was still contact with students to ensure that their therapies continued. 

This has meant that the start of this academic year has seen a return of all students and the successful integration of new students, increasing our roll in line with Local Authority expectations. 

A breakdown of expenditure is below: 

Learning resources (including games packs)




Buyback (external professionals)






Impact and Review of 2019/20 Spend

Thrive practitioner support for key pupils.

All our Year 11 students have achieved qualifications and are attending college placements. 

Support to introduce School Council and Head Students led to increased oracy and presentation skills.

Supporting pupils with home learning in lockdown, through providing devices and dongles.

Staff training around Thrive and strategies to use with students to diffuse and deescalate incidents has meant a significant drop in lesson disruption and the number of positive helds being used. We are now able to identify students who have experienced significant gaps in their developmental stages and support them by accessing professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to support. 

Parents have also reported that students feel safe and are beginning to enjoy school and learning. 

Therapeutic approach

To support the SEMH needs of our young people we have invested in buy back from the Local Authority to provide: 

Occupational Therapy 


Educational Psychology 

Art Therapy 



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