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Eko Trust

Our family of schools

Eko Trust is a family of good and outstanding schools who collaborate to learn and deliver the best educational outcomes for our children. Eko is a growing Trust and is currently made up of seven schools: five primary and two all-through Social, Emotional and Mental Health Special schools all based in Newham, Barking & Dagenham, Ipswich and Hackney.

We welcome contact from other schools who wish to collaborate with us or want to join our family of good and outstanding schools.

The Trust grew out of the success and impact of a teaching school, and its capacity to challenge and support schools. Collaboration is at our core, with staff and trustees working together to learn to be ambitious and resilient.


Eko Trust

Our Vision – What We Will Achieve

Every member of our community is empowered to learn, to be ambitious and to be resilient


Vitality, Optimism, Integrity, Courage, Equity

Our Mission

  • We collaborate to achieve world class outcomes for our children, young people and  families
  • We develop flexible, innovative approaches to learning to  build our centres of excellence
  • We invest in high quality support and development  across diverse schools
  • We support and  challenge each other in an inclusive environment


We are:

  • open to learn from each other.
  • thoughtful and inspiring.
  • understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, background and motivations.
  • trustworthy and loyal to the team.
  • respectful when challenging.
  • resilient when challenged.
  • clear and honest and have the courage to disagree.

We do:

  • Have the highest professional standards and celebrate our achievements.
  • Look after ourselves and each other’s wellbeing.
  • Accept there will be challenges and give each other space and time.
  • Listen and respect each other.
  • Support opinions with facts and evidence.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Deliver in an accurate, timely and cost effective way.

The governing bodies wanted to ensure that all Eko Trust schools continued to serve the communities.  Pathways and Eko Pathways School have joined the Local Governing Bodies together to make sure we work together as specialist schools to provide the best of practice and that staff and children had great opportunities.  Eko Trust has the ambition to grow, to work with schools that want to learn and have skills and expertise to offer as well as those that want to learn and have challenges to solve.

Come and have a chat about Eko if you have any questions.

For more information please visit ekotrust.org.uk 


Registered office:

Eko Hub

C/O Pathways School

New Road


RM10 9NH

Email: ekoinfo@ekotrust.org.uk


Eko Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with company number 10279605.

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