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Maths Key Stage 3


Pupils in KS3 will be following the New Maths National Curriculum for 2014 using the Edexcel Maths Progress Scheme Of Work and resources. The resources are split into three pathways: Pi, Theta and Delta with Alpha supporting the lower ability students. The emphasis in this programme of study is to prepare pupils for KS4 and to develop numeracy skills. Because there is a requirement in the new National Curriculum for pupils to reasoning mathematically , certain topics will be taught using the bar modelling method from the Singapore Maths Programme of study. This will allow pupils to use a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach that gives them a sound basis for problem solving in KS4.

Year 7

Theta 1(For pupils at L4 at end of KS2)

Autumn Term 1 –

Unit 1: Analysing and Displaying Data

Unit 2: Number Skills

Autumn Term 2 –

Unit 3: Expressions, functions and formulae

Unit 4: Decimals and measures.

Spring Term 1 –

Unit 5 Fractions

Unit 6 Probability

Spring Term 2 –

Unit 7 Ratio and proportion

Unit 8 Lines and angles

Summer Term 1 –

Unit 9 Sequences and graphs

Unit 10 Transformations

Summer Term 2 –

Unit 1 (Theta 2) Number

Unit 2 (Theta 2) Area and Volume

Year 8

Theta 2

Autumn Term 1 –

Unit 6 Decimals and ratio

Unit 4 Expressions and equations.

Autumn Term 2 –

Unit 3 Statistics, graphs and charts

Unit 5 Real-life graphs

Spring Term 1 –

Unit 7 Lines and angles

Unit 8 Calculating with fractions

Spring Term 2 –

Unit 9 Straight-line graphs

Unit 10 Percentages, decimals and fractions

Summer Term 1 –

Unit 1(Theta 3) Indices and standard form

Unit 2 (Theta 3)Expressions and formulae


Summer Term 2 –

Unit 3(Theta 3) Dealing with data

Unit 4(Theta 3) Multiplicative reasoning

Year 9

Theta 3

Autumn Term 1 –

Unit 5 Constructions

Unit 6 Equations, inequalities and proportionality

Autumn Term 2 –

Unit 7 Circles, Pythagoras and prisms

Unit 8 Sequences and graphs


Spring Term 1 –

Unit 9 Probability

Unit 10 Comparing shapes

Spring Term 2 –

Unit 1(Delta 1)Analysing and Displaying Data

Unit 2(Delta 1) Number skills

Summer Term 1 –

Unit 4(Delta 1)Fractions

Unit 6(Delta 1)decimals

Summer Term 2 –

Unit 8(Delta 1)Multiplicative Reasoning

Unit 9(Delta 1) Perimeter, Area and Volume.

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