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Total Sports Grant allocated: £582

At Pathways School physical activity and Physical Education as a subject is core to the needs of our students. Our students need regular breaks and benefit greatly from the engagement, leadership and team aspects of sports. Achievement in sport helps our students’ self esteem and allows them to experience success which is not reliant on their levels of literacy and numeracy.

As a school we quickly recognised that incidents were occurring at unstructured times, meaning that younger students and those who did not feel as confident in taking part in sport activities were disengaging in the games available at both lunch and break times.

This academic year we are spending our allowance on updating equipment to provide extra support, stimulation and skill; this will support our students with their sensory needs and refine their skills and concentration. We will develop games and leadership provision. We will also be finding covid safe enhancement opportunities to further develop fitness and provide extra training and support to staff to increase to profile of PE and physical health. Click here to download PE and sports grant


We have focused on relationships and student leadership. This has led to the establishment of the Student Council and Head Students. Our successful Year 6 Head Student reflected on his feelings about break time and lunch time activities and worked in his Literacy and Numeracy lessons to firstly develop his oracy to be able to put together his campaign and present to the whole school body, and on election used this time to put together a Sports proposal to the Senior Leadership Team.

This led to developing a timetable for activities for break times, work with the PE teacher to ensure a range of sports were available for students; including, Badminton, Dodgeball, Table Tennis and Pool. Alongside this, our Year 11 Head Student worked on student voice to ensure that students who did not want to take part in Sports activities were still able to enjoy Sports and activities on the days which they did not want to take part in physical activity.

The Sports Grant was spent on ordering equipment for Sports, and resources for clubs to run alongside the Sports Activities in both break and lunch times. We also rearranged break duties to ensure that there was sufficient supervision of students.

As a result, we saw a marked drop in incidents at break times and were able to deal with individuals who were struggling to engage positively in break and lunchtimes, and develop programmes for these students to support their ability to engage in team activities and deal with their frustrations and work on accepting diversity and differences.

A breakdown of the expenditure is below:

Game pack




Student Leadership material




Tabletennis table


Collage Pack


Sports equipment





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